What Can I Do With Musetta?

There are several features of Musetta that you will use a lot; others only occasionally.

Online Roster - The online roster shows everyone’s contact information, along with their photo. You can search it by name or email address, or just browse to learn someone’s name. 

Files -  The  Music Library holds copies of the music we’re rehearsing, usually in PDF format. It also holds rehearsal recordings, usually in MP3 format. 

Calendars - Contains rehearsal and performance dates, special events, and chorus members’ birthdays.

News Items - on the Home page, you will see news items created by the office staff. These generally announce something of interest to the entire chorus. 

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Becoming a Member:

Open rehearsals are held in January, March and August, but additional dates are occasionally added during the year. 

This is your chance to meet us, hear us sing and learn more about what becoming a member of TWCD involves, before you sign up to audition.

Our next open rehearsal will be Monday, September 11th at 7pm.  If you would like to visit us, please click here to register: 


To learn more about the audition process, please complete the form below and indicate that you are interested in auditioning in the Comments section, and our Recruiting Chair will contact you.

If you are only interested in being added to our email list so that you can learn about upcoming concerts and other events throughout the year, please complete the form below and we will stay in touch! 

If you would prefer to contact us directly, you can always reach our office by phone at 214-520-7828 or send us an email at twcdoffice@twcd.org.

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